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successful collaboration with agencies

We are the sparring partner and reinsurance for successful agencies with digital projects. With our broad technology and digital expertise, we support agencies in successfully expanding their capabilities in the digital field.

What are agencies struggling with today?

Good creative, well thought-out consulting – yet everything seems rather cumbersome and slow. A lack of focus on core services leads to more and more construction sites, individual client projects, complicated freelancer coordination and resource conflicts. Neither the team nor the projects scale well in the current state – the pressure on the team is increasing.

  • Complexity and technical requirements slow down projects
  • Good developers are scarce and freelancers are difficult to integrate permanently
  • Emerging technologies such as VR, AR and Metaverse cannot be covered by the existing team
  • Requirements are incomplete, effort estimates are rarely accurate and reliable

Why are we a good partner?

We are a technology service provider specialized in the requirements of agencies and consulting companies.
This clear focus helps us complete digital projects faster and help teams stay in touch with the next big thing.
We use the core competencies of our agency partners and enrich them with a broad and deep technological understanding. With the experience from countless digital projects worldwide and with very different customers and agencies.

  • Offer the best technology to the customer
  • Tech consulting and strategy at the highest level
  • Experience working with myriad IT departments and their delivery requirements
  • Support the team from pitch and ongoing support of client projects over years if desired.
  • Boutique till Network size clients

Event Agencies

Learn more about how we help event agencies execute stressful digital events to the highest levels of customer satisfaction – without getting completely burned out in the process

How we support event agencies

Design Agencies

You want to implement the cool shit but you also want it to work securely and permanently in the customer’s IT environment?
We bring your vision to a new level with the latest technologies and at the same time make sure that the customer’s IT department is happy.

How we support design agencies

B2B Agencies

Know what sells! We know how to optimally support B2B experts with technology and IT know-how and help to develop sustainable solutions for marketing, field service and new innovative B2B ideas.

How we support B2B agencies

Digital Agencies

Do you know exactly how the digital game works? Then we are the best partner because we can support you in a targeted manner and have the necessary know-how to work with you on the same wavelength.

How we support Digital Agencies

Our partners & friends

Good people we have already worked with to create brilliant digital solutions

How we collaborate in projects

Project implementation as subcontractor

Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation.

Project implementation as partner

Collaborative thinking further the overall value settled proposition.

agile support

Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation.


How we develop clients with our partners

Joint pitches

Winning customers and tenders together as a true partnership and under the same conditions.

Digital Workshops for Customers

Demonstrate true digital and IT expertise to your customers through workshops.



Joint Account Development

Iterative approaches corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking.


The beginning of a real partnership

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