Re-design of Theater Neumarkt's website with improved user-friendliness

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By relaunching Theater Neumarkt’s website, both the design and user-friendliness were significantly improved. Since its relaunch it is now possible to directly access the event calendar on the same website, while on the previous version the events could only be maintained and view through an external redirect. Based on a WordPress plugin, all pages can now access the programs with fewer clicks and adapts to your interests through filters.



Theater Neumarkt, intended to revamp their online presence through a new functional website. The aim was not only to revise the design, but also to optimise the functions.

Events and performances could previously be booked online, but they led to an external tool via redirects. This not only limited the user experience, but also impaired the maintenance of events and performances.

The challenge here was to aesthetically and functionally upgrade the website with as little effort as possible in order to optimise the maintenance process for the theater’s staff, as well as to simplify the booking process for customers through the website.


To meet all the needs of the client and its visitors, we decided to implement a new design that included a WordPress plugin for an event calendar.

This calendar plugin was designed to be as flexible as possible in order to simplify processes but at the same time allow for dynamic changes. Moreover, the new function now includes various filter options, and a special view mode for the theater’s staff.

Through the plugin, we enabled our client to manage events independently and allowed visitors to look them up directly on the website.


The result was not only a website with a modern design, but also a significantly improved user experience for current and future visitors, as well as the theater’s own staff.

The theater can now advertise and promote their events directly on the website, while visitors can also view events with fewer clicks and redirects than before.

This improvement enriched the user experience on all levels and pages, as it smoothed the whole process while simultaneously incorporating a fresh modern design. Now both visitors as well as the theater’s staff can take advantage of the new functions after the launch of the website.


  • Implementation of an online calendar & event tool
  • Filter functions for program, location and format
  • Special editing view for staff
  • WordPress with Divi Theme
  • Events Plugin

Key Results

  • Ease of access and navigation for calendar events
  • User experience improvements by eliminating unnecessary redirects to other websites
  • Maintenance optimisations & special view mode for staff
  • Simplification of preferred events through search filter functions