Prompt engineering is a critical skill in the field of artificial intelligence, and it is becoming increasingly important as AI technology continues to advance. In this webinar, we will introduce the concept of prompt engineering and its importance in the development of AI systems. We will discuss examples of prompt engineering in various AI applications, such as natural language processing and computer vision, and explore the common challenges in prompt engineering and how to overcome them. We will also cover essential skills and knowledge for prompt engineering and highlight tools and resources that can be used to support this process. Finally, we will showcase case studies of successful prompt engineering in real-world applications, and we will provide an opportunity for the audience to ask questions and engage in discussion. This webinar is suitable for anyone interested in learning more about prompt engineering, regardless of their level of experience with AI or programming.


Introduction to prompt engineering // Best Practices & Cases // Common challenges in prompt engineering // Tools and resources for prompt engineering // Q&A session

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