The iOS & Android racing game app with rewards and prizes for players

Partner Agency

Jung von Matt


Vodafone Group


Emerging Technologies



Together with our partner, we developed a mobile app to promote a new product. The crux of the matter: the product is speed!

Thus, in order to promote Vodafone’s new high-speed internet, we created a racing game that connects with social media and rewards players with prizes.

The result was a powerful and sharable marketing and branding tool available for both iOS and Android users.



Branding and advertising through mobile apps is no longer a novelty in this day and age. More and more companies are resorting to marketing strategies through gamification. Therefore, in order to clearly position themselves and stand out from other providers, it is also a matter of being creative.

In this case, the aim was to promote high-speed internet. So how do you creatively promote the new super-fast internet and ideally create sharable content to push your marketing?


Together with our partner, we decided to focus on the topic of speed: What is often associated with speed? Correct! Racing. Therefore, we developed a mobile racing game that displays internet speed instead of driving speed.

Together with different levels, maps, and boosters, users also had the ability to tune and personalise their vehicles. The connection to social media made it possible to compete with other players and even take part in a competition.

In order to extend the usability, we developed the application for both iOS and Android smartphones.


With the development of the racing app, it was not only possible to promote the new high-speed internet, but also to reward loyal fans. The creative promotion of products and services through gamification is a striking tool, as it delivers high shareability.

Social media connections act as a catalyst to drive further distribution, as users can share high scores and tuned vehicles with their friends. Prominent racing personalities also tried out the application and it became a complete success for both existing and future customers.


  • iOS & Android application
  • 3D racing game app
  • Configurator to tune futuristic racing cars
  • Connection to social media
  • Integration of a leaderboard

Key Results

  • Featured by famous racing personalities
  • Widely-shara content through social media connections
  • Effective marketing & branding tool
  • Rewarding existing loyal customers
  • Promoting new products to new customers