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Alexa, ask Trendone to inspire me!
The Trendexplorer Skill by Trendone inspires you with worldwide trends and innovations. These can be intelligent technologies, pioneering products, new marketing and media innovations, or successful startups. More than 25,000 of these micro-trends are available to our clients within Trendexplorer. Just ask Alexa: “Alexa, ask Trendone for inspiration” and Alexa presents a selected micro-trend from Trendexplorer – the online tool filled with trends and innovations. Trendone equips its own trend scouting network that roughly scouts eighty trends in 22 languages and continuously detects new trends on a daily basis. Trendone’s innovation analysts filters out the most promising trends and select the most marketable innovations. No account is required for the free version of the Trendexplorer Skill.



As the world is becoming more sophisticated and volatile, it is sometimes difficult to stay up to date. Most of us have daily resolutions to read more, learn more, and pursue more interests.

In reality, however, it often looks different. Together with our partner, we decided to turn trends and innovations into an audio format. However, a simple podcast was out of the question, as this would again present users with the following problems:

With over 25,000 constantly updating trends, where do you start? What makes trends and innovations interesting and how do you identify them? Most importantly, how can you keep them constantly updated?


Since a conventional podcast was not suitable for the busy lifestyles of most people, we came to a conclusion to utilize today’s world of the Internet of Things (IoT). Therefore, we developed a voice assistant skill for the smart home appliance “Amazon Alexa”.

By saying the command “Alexa, ask Trendone to inspire me!”, Amazon Alexa is activated and accesses its skill that is developed by us to inspire others: Alexa then presents one of more than 25,000 trends and innovations, that were previously detected in 22 languages on a daily basis.

In other words, we added another brain to our users’ smart homes: a personal artificial intelligent assistant and consultant on trends and innovations.


The decision of using Alexa instead of a simple podcast not only enabled constant updates on trends and innovations, but also removed the hurdle for users to make a choice or search for specific keywords.

Users can now stay up to date with or without any prior knowledge and one thing above all: be inspired.

The inspiration can be through information on intelligent technologies, pioneering products, new marketing and media innovations, or successful startups.

By developing an Amazon Alexa skill for this purpose we also created a tool that made it possible to keep dynamic content constantly up to date.


  • Integration of dynamic content via APIs
  • Connection of four mega trends: Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Smart Home & Chatbots
  • Directly connected to Trendmanager APIs
  • Complete Skill-Decisiontree including search

Key Results

  • First voice enabled trend based Amazon Alexa skill
  • Enabling users to stay up to date on trends & innovations without prior research
  • Overcoming the inconvenience of manually keeping content up to date
  • The Innovative Voice Assistant is available in 4 languages, reaching a much larger target group
  • An intelligent personal assistant & consultant connected to smart homes appliance systems