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The gaming app for the launch of the new A-Class. In keeping with the brand essence of true sportiness, we developed an open-world game in which the users steer the vehicle through a multi-story car park full of dangers using movements of their smartphones and with the help of ambient sounds.



How can you promote the launch of the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class in a creative yet accessible way?

By developing an exciting racing game, playable by any at home and on the go, without any additional devices!

Therefore, we were faced with the following development challenge of augmented reality: integrating more senses based on the capabilities of standard smartphones and tablets.


In order to ultimately engage the user we connected the game to augmented reality, where the game adjusts to the surrounding sounds nearby the user and their device.

The idea: an interactive gameplay, whereby obstacles are created by the player – with words, shouts, noise, or music. If the player is quiet, the chicanes for the vehicle are kept within limits, – if one is loud, the obstacles become a threat.

If there are thunderstorms, have fun! Now it’s just a matter of pulling the wheel around and speeding through the dangers to escape the dark hall…


Escape the hall is dramatic, virtuosic, and demands everything from you and your A-class. And unlike any other game, the user has direct influence on the game. And above all: no two tours are the same, because with each new custom sound, the obstacles also reposition themselves. Impressive gameplay with high-resolution graphics will challenge your driving talent to the utmost. And a look at the new A-Class that whets your appetite for a real driving experience: also with great sound, only without spiked walls and boulders.

Moreover, asking the user with call-to-actions can directly influence their experience and influence the number of converted leads. Through the introduction of the leaderboard for rankings, users had the option to compete after signing in, which increased the number of converted leads.


  • 3D AR Game & 360° 3D Menu
  • Cross-Platform Game (Android Smartphone, Android Tablet, iPad, iPhone & Facebook)
  • Push-Notification including Geofences
  • Social Media Connection

Key Results

  • Gamification via branding game
  • Super exciting and engaging AR racing game
  • Augmented reality reacting to the surrounding sounds
  • 3D-Development of the new Mercedes A-Class
  • Social media connection and leaderboard ranking