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The popular card game “Quartett” has been around for quite a while. Together with our partner BBDO Proximity, we have taken the Mercedes-Benz card game to a new level and developed an app for smartphones and tablets. Classic car lovers and racing fans can now marvel at the vehicles on the move in single-player or multi-player mode, and learn something about German automotive history at the same time. In fact, the app comes with two car quartets: the Museum Edition and the Silver Arrow collection.



Based on the original vehicles from the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, we have developed a game that is not only meant to be fun, but also to convey a few facts about the historic vehicles.

So how do you convey knowledge about vehicles from over a century of automotive history in a playful way?


Let’s bring back a nostalgic game: the classic “quartett”, but as an app for smartphone and tablet.

We have developed two versions of the game for this purpose: Museum Edition and the Silver Arrow Collection. Both versions consist of 64 cards each, which present a car and 6 categories (year of manufacture, cylinders, engine capacity, power, maximum speed and length). The user can either play the game alone or in multiplayer mode.

In addition to playing the game, users can also learn about the historic vehicles on display at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. This enabled vehicles from over 100 years of the company and automobile history to be integrated into the game.


As a result we developed a both informative and fun application for all ages. The usage of the app is simple, as most people are familiar with card game quartets. With the digitalization of the game, it brought back another level of nostalgia among childhood memories.

The Mercedes-Benz Quartett application was utilized as an impactful app advertisement tool, and its success led to the gold achievement at the Mobile Marketing Awards.

Mobile apps like “Mercedes-Benz Quartett” are an important direct channel to inspire new customers and to reward existing customers.


  • Development of iOS & Android applications
  • Developed for smartphones or tablets
  • Connectivity: Multiplayer Mode

Key Results

  • Play single-player or multiplayer mode with car-loving registered opponents worldwide
  • Creative mobile marketing application and app advertisement option
  • iOS and Android support
  • Various levels of skill
  • Adjustable rounds of play and amount of cards