Location-based Application to earn loyalty products with many additional features

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With the X-Locator, users will always know where their friends are and where the hottest party is! This is simply done by sharing one’s own location with friends and posting directly to social media, e.g. on Facebook.

With the X-Locator, you won’t miss a thing and will always have all the latest festival updates with you. The X-Locator is the platform you need and can offer you all of this plus much more! Basically we created an online platform on which the rewards can be auctioned off with the help of the collected X-codes.

Due to its usability via desktop, or mobile devices of all kinds, everyone could participate. Thus, the X-Locator not only became a successful marketing campaign for new customers, but also rewarded loyal beer fans.



When it comes to marketing and branding campaigns, there are no limits to what businesses can do. However, in order to offer added value for new and existing customers, not only creative but also functional solutions are required. Only in this way can companies succeed in retaining customers in the long run, while rewarding fans and attracting new customers at the same time.

In order to establish a powerful customer loyalty program, it is essential to create a tool that builds customer relations in a long term.

Moreover, to offer an optimal user experience, we must ensure that no users are excluded due to their access device and that all content can be accessed easily and from anywhere they want.


Therefore, together with our partner, we developed the so-called X-locator which comes equipped with a loyalty points program. The apex of the X-locator is its location feature while the collectable loyalty points were bonuses meant to entice loyal customers.

The highlights behind it: Users can share their location with friends and thus tell them where the best parties and biggest concerts are, and the X-Credit loyalty points, which is a customer retaining tool – but for beverages!

Not only could they find and share locations, but they could also host and create a party hotspot through the locator. Besides that, interesting content on music concerts and festivals could also be accessed through the interface. To avoid invading privacy, users themselves decide when and with whom they want to share this information.

X-Credit loyalty points can be collected and redeemed on the go. Thereby, exciting rewards could also be auctioned off through the integrated auction function.


With the X-locator, we and our partner succeeded by offering authentic, creative and functional value to our client’s target group.

The campaign was a real success, which was further enhanced by the integrated sharing function for social media platforms. Loyal beer fans were thus rewarded and new customers were attracted. The customer loyalty programme, enhanced with loyalty credit points was a real game changer. As loyalty points are known for many products – this time it specifically was for beverages and the beer fans!

The wide popularity lead to the participation in multiple big events and concerts. On-site, many fan programs took place, that were previously advertised with the X-locator.

By developing four different access platforms through a website, mobile web application, iOS & Android app we made sure that all users could conveniently access the platform.


  • Development of the desktop website, web application,
  • iOS & Android app
  • Location function/plugin
  • Connection to social media
  • Development of a loyalty credit feature for all devices

Key Results

  • Marketing & branding tool for new and existing beer fans & customers
  • Development of a location-based platform
  • Integrating further features, such as loyalty points & auctioning of branded goodies
  • High shareability through social media integration