Branding & marketing tool for iOS & Android promoting mobility 2.0 and urban life

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This iOS and Android application helps users remember where they parked their car by saving the location of the vehicle and adding photos: whether it’s a shop window, a TV tower or a street sign, any snapshot will help the user to capture the surroundings making it easier to remember where their car was parked.

Additionally, notes can be added to store information such as the level where the car is parked. A reminder function lets users enter the end of the parking time to receive a timely reminder via push notifications.

Still can’t find your vehicle? Then let your phone conveniently navigate you back to the vehicle via GPS!



Where did I park my car? A common question everyone asks themselves especially in large parking lots with multiple floors and parking rows A-Z. Navigating the entire parking lot is always a hassle and the adventure could also be very tiring.

That’s why, together with our partner, we set ourselves the goal of making life a little easier for car owners and, ideally, building a successful marketing and branding campaign for our client at the same time.

Among other things, the prerequisite for this was the inclusion of existing and potential customers, as well as the provision of usability for various devices.


That’s why we developed an app that makes the search for your vehicle a happy ending with a wide range of functions.

One of the most essential functions is the GPS function. An integrated map shows the location of the parked car. If the GPS is too weak, corrections can also be entered manually.

Since there is sometimes no network in underground parking lots, for example, notes could also be added, such as the floor or the parking row. Photos can also be taken and added to save notable surrounding landmarks that help you remember the location.

An additional push message notification about the expiry of the booked parking time also helps users keep track of time to avoid paying for expensive extra hours or even a parking fine!


With all these practical functions, together with our partner we were able to implement a successful marketing and branding campaign for Smart (Daimler AG) that rewards both existing customers and potential new customers.

By developing the app for both iOS and Android devices, we enabled cross-device usage and reached more customers.

With this project in the field of Mobility 2.0, we made the life of users more comfortable and convenient allowing them to fully experience and adapt to smart urban life functionalities!


  • Native iOS for iOS > 3.1 & Android Application
  • Geo-positioning with geofencing
  • Push Notifications to remind you before the parking meter runs out
  • Picture mode with GPS to find your car

Key Results

  • Marketing & Branding tool
  • Rewarding loyal customers & Smart fans
  • Promotion for potential new customers
  • Various convenient functions: GPS, photos, notes & reminders